At 2203 our aim is to provide the overall cadet experience. So what does this involve?

In an organisation that is so diverse the range of opportunities are vast. Detailed below is a breakdown of several opportunities open to cadets within the squadron and corps. There are many other activities available to cadets of all ages and all levels.

Classroom & Practical learning

We offer a varied program of aviation based activities both practical and classroom based. A level of knowledge that grows with the cadets as they grow in the ATC.

Sporting activities

The cadets offer 7 core sports: Football, Rugby, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, Hockey and Netball.

Adventure Training

We have 2 specialist training centres in the Lake District and Snowdonia where cadets can participate in many A.T. activities from rock climbing to mountain biking. Abseiling to canoeing. Many other physical challenges can also be undertaken.


There are several camps offered over the year both at home and overseas. Cadets gain the opportunities to attend and participate in an exciting range of activities. These may be adventure based, practical skills, flying opportunities, historic or hands on practical visits.

Flying & Gliding

Cadets can take control of aircraft learning the practicalities of flying. They also have the opportunity to be taken up in service aircraft. Flying is taught at all levels so cadets understand the principles of how aircraft work which fully supports the practical opportunities offered.

Practical Skills

There are many practical opportunities for cadets to learn from. One very important skill is first aid. All cadets and staff must learn a level of First aid from Heartstart to Activity First Aid. Other practical skills include Radio operations, map reading, navigation and much more.

Duke Of Edinburgh Award

The DofE award allows cadets to develop the skills detailed above along with several other abilities to partake in this prestigious awards scheme. Qualifications are at 3 levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. We also offer a Pre-DofE award for those below Year 9 at school


As a uniformed organisation and part of the RAF we pride ourselves on our presentation and the ceremonial disciplines we take part in. Drill is learnt at squadron, wing and corps levels where prestigious awards can be achieved.

Dress Standards

Dress standards are taught as a matter of course where cadets learn how to care for their uniform and develop pride in their personal presentation.

Ceremonial Events

Finally ceremonial events range from Squadron parades to Remembrance duties and several other opportunities inbetween. The cadets will learn how to present themselves, how to march and take part in parades representing the squadron and the ATC.